About the patches

The patch sticks to your skin and slowly releases nicotine into your body. Many kits come with different-sized patches that vary in strength. For the first few weeks, use a large patch. Then use medium-sized patches for the next few weeks, and use the smallest patches-which contain the least ingredient the last few weeks. Replace the patch daily. Choose a clean, hairless place on the skin between the neck and the waist, such as the upper arm, the shoulder, or the back. To help avoid skin irritation, do not apply the patch to the same place every time.

By using the patch, you can taper off your. The patch can help relieve your withdrawal symptoms. And after about 8 to 10 weeks, you stop using the patch completely.


Since the patch releases a steady amount of nicotine into the body, exercising with the aid still on your skin can increase the concentration in the body. Regional flow regulates the amount of ingredinet released by the transdermal patch. Exercising increases pulse and thereby increases flow, which would have a direct impact on the amount of the ingredinet released into the body.


If you do take part in regular exercise, try coordinating the replacement of the patch with your daily workout. If you exercise in the afternoons, apply the first patch after your workout and wear the aid until your next workout. It's often difficult to reapply the patch once it's been removed. However, some people have reported vivid dreams and other sleep disturbances when wearing the patch at night.

Wash all your clothes

Get rid of the smell of cigarettes as much as you can by washing all your clothes and having your coats or sweaters dry-cleaned. If you smoked in your car, clean that out, too.

Think about your triggers

You're probably aware of the times when you tend to smoke, such as after meals, when you're at your best friend's house or while drinking coffee. Any situation where it feels automatic to have a cigarette.

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About us

Alder - Nicotine patches is a transdermal system skin patch containing nicotine. Alder - Nicotine patches use time released technology for sustained delivery of the ingredient for effective, long lasting, craving reduction. When you wear the patch, it gradually releases nicotine into you through the skin. Alder - Nicotine patches works by replacing some of the ingredient which your body has become accustomed to from smoking, reducing the withdrawal symptoms many people normally feel when they stop smoking. Your own chances of quitting depend on how strongly you are hooked to nicotine, how motivated you are to quit, and how closely you follow a program plan.

  • Start with Step 1 if you smoke more than 10 per day;
  • Extended release technology delivers fast and continues steadily all day long;
  • Thin, clear transdermal patch, easy to wear discreetly;
  • Step down approach weans your body off the ingredient
  • Box of 14 patches, 21 milligram dose